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Padi courses prices Pulau Weh

Best dive in Pulau Weh

diving dive buceo plongee

Safety, Passionate teaching, Experienced team & Well Maintained Equipment

Safety must be the main concern of every dive shop, but also of every certified diver or anyone who will like to learn how to dive, get yourself informed before you choose where and who will teach or guide you underwater.

In Monsterdivers we have a very experienced, well trained and passionate team. The captains, instructors and guides, all of them with hundreds or even thousands of dives in Pulau Weh, are all very familiar with the dive sites, the currents and the ocean conditions here, giving us the possibility to personalize our service, finding always the perfect blend between fun, safety and professionalism, will get to make the best of your days with us.

Regularly maintenance of our equipment, according to the international standards, and often checks would almost reduce the chance of risks and hazards to zero and this is a priority in Monster Divers.

After reading this, you know us a little bit better and you are a bit closer to become a Monster!

We teach in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French and Indonesian

 Our prices are in Rupiah. Euro prices in the list are only for orientative purposes.

 Exchange rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates.

1 € = 14.621 Rp


All diving material and equipment are included in the price.

Discover Scuba Diving Rp ~44€ ~43€
PADI Scuba Diver Rp ~195€ ~192€
Open Water Diver Rp ~287€ ~283€
Scuba Review (Refresh) Rp ~36€ ~36€
Single Adventure Dive Rp ~46€ ~46€
Adventure Diver Rp ~180€ ~177€
Advanced Open Water Diver Rp ~236€ ~233€
Rescue Diver Rp ~308€ ~304€
Emergency First Response Provider Rp ~92€ ~91€
PADI Dive Master* Rp ~787€ ~776€

* Divemaster theory pack and PADI membership application fee are not included.

Please contact us for junior courses.

Fun dives

Guide, boat, tank and full set equipment included.

Get a 10% discount, if you are professional diver or you have your own equipment

1 dive 400.000Rp ~27€ ~27€
2 dives 780.000Rp ~53€ ~53€
3 dives 1.095.000Rp ~75€ ~74€
4 dives 1.440.000Rp ~98€ ~97€
5 dives 1.785.000Rp ~122€ ~120€
6 dives 2.100.000Rp ~144€ ~142€
7 dives 2.415.000Rp ~165€ ~163€
8 dives 2.730.000Rp ~187€ ~184€
9 dives 3.045.000Rp ~208€ ~205€
10 dives 3.360.000Rp ~230€ ~227€
Every additional dive 300.000Rp ~21€ ~20€

Special for groups: For every 6 divers the 7 th divers is free

Shore dives

Daytime 105.000Rp ~7€ ~7€
Dawn 136.000Rp ~9€ ~9€
Night dive ( Guide is highly recommended) 136.000Rp ~9€ ~9€
House reef tour ( Guide included) 300.000Rp ~21€ ~20€


Guide ( Minimum two people) 75.000Rp ~5€ ~5€
Equipment rental 75.000Rp ~5€ ~5€
Torch rental 75.000Rp ~5€ ~5€
Camera rental 150.000Rp ~10€ ~10€
Computer rental 100.000Rp ~7€ ~7€
Snorkel rental 50.000Rp ~3€ ~4€

Boat night dive

Include: guide, torch rental and full set equipment.

Per dive 528.000Rp ~36€ ~36€

Wreck dive Shophie Rickmers

Special deep preparation 450.000Rp ~31€ ~30€
Wreck dive 530.000Rp ~36€ ~36€

 Our prices are in Rupiah, Euro conversion in the price list are orientative.
 Prices are per person/use.


Payments in cash with Euro or Dollar will be charged accordingly to the exchange rate of the day in xe.com plus a commission of the 3%.

We accept payments with Credit and Debit cards, adding 3% bank fee.

We also accept Bitcoin Payments accordingly to the exchange rate of the day in coinmarketcap.com


If you are a good painter, carpenter, clown or musician… or you have anything to offer us that migth be interesting, please contact us.